Monday, May 24, 2010

Six Weeks

Wait.  What?  SIX WEEKS?!?!?!  I feel like someone miscalculated.  How can there only be six weeks left?  Very strange considering I only got pregnant a few weeks ago.

This pregnancy has been so different I'm having hard time wrapping my head around it.  First of all, I think I've mentioned this, I ONLY HAVE SIX WEEKS LEFT.  With Conor it was more like, I STILL have six weeks LEFT?  I was so ready to be done.  Despite the fact that I am becoming more uncomfortable, I do try to remind myself that the longer she stays in, the healthier she will be.  The mirror, however, daily reminds me just how big my backside and jowls are becoming.  Seriously, I'm even running out of  comfortable maternity pants.

I did do some youtube "research" this weekend on accupressure points to induce labor which I have insisted Morgan become familiar with.  I'm all for being patient however I'm also all for not living with a human being in my abdomen for the rest of time.

I did some wrap up shopping this weekend at a baby consignment sale and I feel like we actually might be prepared to bring a baby girl home from the hospital.  We have diapers and swaddle blankets (Remember my love for swaddle blankets?), and 500 million onesies and teeny, tiny socks.

(As I typed this my zen feeling of calm went out the window, my brain went into overdrive and I realized that I still need to do the following: get swing and vibrate-y/bouncy chair out of attic and clean them, get car seat out of attic and clean it, get nursing supplies out of attic and clean them, remember how to breastfeed, buy-pacifiers-oh-my-lord-we-don't-have-any-pacifiers!, decide which pacifiers our daughter will like best, find something for our child to sleep in, wash all clothes, buy curtains/shades for Finley's bedroom, DIAPER BAG!  Bath tub!  Oh crap.  I'm not prepared for this AT ALL.)

Excuse me while I go freak out a bit.

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