Wednesday, May 26, 2010


There is a point in every pregnancy at which people begin to look at your midsection in a questioning sort of way.  Generally they are thinking, is she getting a little thick around the middle or is she...maybe...possibly...pregnant?

There is also a point in every pregnancy when people look at you and their eyes dance and shine and you know they think your cute little baby belly is adorable.  The great thing about this point is that people are always smiling at you and you smile back this sweet, serene, oh-isn't-pregnancy-wonderful smile.  This is a good point to be at.  Mary Poppins would be happy to have you in her company at this point.

There is however a final point.  This is the point where people just stare at your belly but not in the way that they did a few short weeks ago.  Its more of a, oh my GOD that is one big belly, sort of look.  Gone is the look of happiness and it has been replaced with a look of abject horror.  Now people are thinking, oh I hope her water doesn't break all over my new leather boots.  They quickly avert their eyes and look away.

Friends, I have reached point the third.  I feel like a walking freak show and I'm contemplating some type of signage for my belly.  I just haven't landed on the best pithy remark yet.  Suggestions?  Perhaps, "LOOK AWAY LEST YOU TOO SUFFER FROM MY AFFLICTION"?

I  have also reached a fourth point which precludes the wearing of proper shoes and socks.  Flip flops should be an excellent option with all the sunshine we're having lately.

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