Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Memorial Day to Remember

Why yes, it does appear that I've changed the name of this blog again! I might make this a monthly occurrence.

We went camping on this glorious Memorial Day Weekend. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I wasn't 8 and a half months pregnant. Oh wait, the opposite is true in all three instances.

Yeah, it rained while we were camping which is only the very worst thing that can happen while one is camping. I should say that I really do enjoy camping with the only caveat being I like a formal campground. You know, one where you pull your car into your camping spot and there is a nice paved area with a log telling you right where to park. And the ground is already flattened from hundreds of campers and tents before you. And the bathroom (even if it is only an outhouse) has had the muck and sewage and (let's be real here) poop pumped sometime within the last 18 months. And maybe, if I'm real lucky, there will be a shower available.

What I don't like is camping where there are none of these things. Where we went camping there were none of these things. But! The one thing this wonderous place did have? Peacocks! Hundreds of them! Beautiful, be-plumaged peacocks! With feathers! And REALLY FREAKING LOUD SQUALKING ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!

Really, I should have known better when we pulled up to the "campground" and the first thing we saw was a band of gypsies (one wearing a damn elfin hat for crying out loud), followed by the peacocks, and the first thing we heard was "Are y'all here for the hootenanny?"

So we pull up to our "assigned spot" and we find a mud pit. Morgan called our trip Mud Fest 2010 because the mud was quite literally everywhere. Yucky, sticky, suck your shoes off mud. Fortunately we went a little away from the people we were supposed to be camping with and ended up finding a nice grassy spot that was wet (oh, indeed it was wet) but at least not muddy.

Overall though, the three of us had a nice time.  Once I got over the fact that it was not camping as I had expected we managed to have fun.  Morgan and Conor even got in a little fishing.
Some time was spent sittin' on logs and contemplating the good life.
Even I managed a smile (this is as we are packing up to come home).

So, moral of the story.  Camping is only fun in proper campgrounds.  Camping is only fun when it hasn't rained for 21 of the last 28 days.  Camping is only fun if it cannot be nicknamed Mud Fest 2010.  Camping is only fun when peacocks are not involved. Oh, and camping is only fun when these two are involved.


mcw said...
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mcw said...

i love it! i'm definitely up for some hootenanny.

Taneha said...

OMG where did you go? Especially where hootenanny is involved.