Thursday, June 3, 2010


I had my 35 week checkup this week and so far it looks like little Miss Finley is doing well.  A couple of brief highlights.

*I'm measuring a bit on the small side at 32cm instead of the expected 35cm.  This is good news as it could potentially mean I might give birth to a petite little thing instead of another gargantuan monster like before.  It also could mean absolutely nothing.
*I DIDN'T GAIN ANY WEIGHT!  This probably had more to do with the return on morning sickness and indigestion than any strict dietary guidelines on my part.
*I'm scheduled for yet ANOTHER ultrasound in two weeks.  Apparently there is still some concern that the whole umbilical cord/placenta thing is not sufficiently resolved, so back I go.  Best case scenario:  everything is fine and labor and delivery can proceed normally.  Worst case scenario: umbilical cord insertion into the placenta is sub par and Finley and I will require continuous fetal monitoring while I am in labor.  Worse worst case scenario: my already low-lying placenta could be determined to be too near my cervix for safe vaginal delivery and I have to schedule a c-section.  The ultrasound will also give me an estimate of her weight which, again, could mean absolutely nothing.

I had my very last class session of my undergraduate education on Tuesday and have one final available online today and another one available online next week.  Soon I will be all finished and Finley is encouraged to come as soon as possible after that.  My fingers are crossed as I am tired and ready to have this baby!  Because, you know, nothing like a newborn and a rowdy toddler to provide tons of sleep time!

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