Friday, June 18, 2010

3D, Baby!

I had another ultrasound yesterday which I almost cancelled at the last minute.  They wanted to check, once again,  on Finley's placenta/umbilical cord thing and I felt like they were making a mountain out of a molehill and just didn't really want them to look for problems on my insides.  The chances of finding anything abnormal were extremely slim but if they didn't see exactly what they wanted they then wanted to continuously monitor me and ugh...just, no.  No.

In the end, my more rational, less soap-box-standing side won out and I'm so glad.  Its always fun to see pcitures of our little girl and this time was even better because they used the 3D scan on her.  Check out the cuteness!

Finley is there on the left, her hands are in her mouth and the upper right is my (her?) placenta.  Good times!  She's using it as a pillow and it must be very comfortable because other than some slight shifting, she hasn't really moved in months.

And, ironically, they still weren't able to see what they were looking for, however, using some superior doctor genius smarts, they looked at one picture that showed the insertion of umbilical cord into placenta and another picture that showed placement of umbilical cord into placenta and, GUESS WHAT?  Its all totally fine!  Hmmm, its almost like they were looking for problems.  Thanks, Doc!

The very best news of all?  My midwife said that I'm full term and Finley could come any time now.  She also cleared me to have accupuncture/accupressure in order to jump start labor if I want to.  (I want to.)  So, the next few days are going to be filled with me scouring the internet for natural ways to jump start labor. 

Wish us luck!

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