Monday, June 21, 2010

It's So Loud

I've written a post before about yelling in our house and how much I HATE it. But it almost seems inevitable sometimes. Like when Conor drops his snack on the floor and Tucker immediately bolts for it and I yell at Tucker, "Tucker, STOP!" And I yell at Conor "Conor! Pick up your snack!" And I'm not yelling to be mean or really because I'm angry its just that, in that moment, it seems like yelling is the only way to get everything to slow down a bit. To just get everyone to STOP for just a moment before proceeding with our regularly scheduled life.

So I wonder, is that type of yelling, this yelling only to quickly get Conor or Tucker's attention, really the same as yelling yelling?

I like to think that its somehow different, that somehow Conor knows I'm not upset with him, I'm only trying to get his attention as quickly as possible to avert a major (or minor) crisis.

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