Friday, June 25, 2010


No, there is no objectivity here.  I have the cutest nieces and nephew in the ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD.

JT, born August 2005.  I fell in love with this little munchkin the first darn second I saw him.
(Seriously?  I couldn't be bothered to pull up my bra strap?  Also, I LOVED this tank top.  Wonder what happened to it.?)
Anny Lynn, born May 2007.  We were fortunate enough to be in Tucson when she was born.  I think Anna was probably less than 12 hours old when this picture was taken.  She was so teeny and so adorable and stole my heart.  Also, I was about 3 days pregnant with Conor.  Who knew?
(MERCY!  Look how tan I was!  There are not a lot of times when I miss AZ but, holy beautiful tan, Batman!)
The newest edition, Harper Mae, born June 2010.  Hands down the teeniest, tiniest little girl I've ever seen.  This one made my heart pound, my uterus contract and sent her un-born cousin into a fit of feverish kicks.
(Please forgive the grainy cell phone picture and the alarming whiteness of my arm.)

All kidding aside, I'm pretty darn lucky to be Auntie to three such adorable, charming, wonderful little kiddos.  Its going to be so much fun for Conor and Finley to grow up alongside their cousins.  I can't wait for the fun!

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