Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh, the horror!

**When I say that in my head I sound like I am from Jersey or something.  Oh, the horra!**

I was grocery shopping the other day and bought beer for Morgan.  The checker kindly asked for my ID even though I OBVIOUSLY look over 21.  Sometimes when they do that I feel like I should tip them.   Anyway...I hand it to her and she types the number in and...

Checker:  Oops!  I typed in the wrong number.  (Pause)  Oh, that's weird, it still worked.
Me:  (Absentmindedly) Hmm. that's strange.  What number did you type in?
Checker:  I typed in the right birth month and day but I typed in 1989 instead of 1979.
Me:  Oh, strange, that shouldn't wor...(cruel realization dawning)...OH. MY. GAAAAAH---That would work!  (Beginning to hyperventilate)  That would work!  1989 would work?  (DOOOOOOM!).

So that was fun.  Turns out that mere children born in 1989 are able to buy beer.

The real cruelty was that I couldn't even drink the damn beer.

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