Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The results of the Chief's Selection Interview were supposed to be announced today.  At 7:24 yesterday morning I was online trying to find out if a list had been published.  While the list wasn't yet available, the website did indicate that the list would be published on June 1st so I figured I needed to wait a few hours and give the administrative staff a little time to get it up.  Here is what I found later in the day:


All trainee candidates who successfully passed the written test and the physical agility test are on PF&R's current eligibility list.

- Please do not call the Recruiter to ask about the list's ranking -- there is no rank assigned to Trainee Candidates.
- The results of the Chiefs' Selection Interviews should be mailed within the next two weeks.

Your patience is appreciated.

Updated 06/01/10


Hmm, not exactly the "list" we were hoping for.  So, it looks like it will be another two weeks before we know what the course of the rest of our lives will look like.  No big deal, right?  I'm ALWAYS super patient.

What does this even mean?  Anyone?  Anyone?


And so we wait.

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geralyn said...

I'm pretty sure that this means they are sitting around with their thumbs up their butts, killing time and behaving exactly like a governmental entity! Waiting is the worst! Hugs to you all.