Monday, May 17, 2010

Fire Chief Interview

Last Thursday Morgan has his interview with the Fire Chief.  He got all fancied up in his once-a-year-suit.
Please don't take my picture

Ok, fine.  I'm walking away  now.

Conor was in day care and there was very little parking down near the administration building so we decided that I would drive him down there and wait while he had his interview and then we would go get Conor together.
I brought along my camera so I could take some pictures while I was waiting.  I should have brought the the 55-200mm lens because I couldn't get close enough (or, more acurately, I coulnd't get comfortable enough to get close enough to take pictures of people without feeling weird and creepy and stalker-ish) but I still able to get some decent shots of downtown on a gorgeous day.
 Steps.  With writing.  Trying to be artistic.  Failing.
 Standing on the Waterfront looking east over the river.
Same shot.  Less zooooom.
(Yes, I come up with these captions myself.)
I totally loved this kid and his dad.  The little boy was having so much fun playing in the water.  My 200mm lens would have come in real handy here because I had to do a lot of cropping to get this close.

Overall Morgan feels really confident about the interview.  He arrived at his scheduled time and they took him and two other candidates into a conference room, gave them a sheet of paper, a pen and a list of the six questions they would be asked by the panel.  They then had 10 minutes to prepare.  YIKES!  Morgan's panel consisted of a fire chief (is there more than one fire chief?  I thought there was only one but there appears to have been a chief in each of the three interview rooms) a fire captain and an EMT.  The total interview was about 20 minutes long and Morgan walked out feeling pretty happy with how it all went.
Now we wait.  We've had unofficial word that they will make a decision by June 1st so hopefully we know something by then.  Morgan's just one step closer to making it all come together.

He's cool like that.

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