Monday, November 22, 2010


My blog posting has been pretty meager lately. Actually, its been pretty meager since Finley was born. You see, I had a routine that allowed me about a half an hour each morning to sit, drink my coffee, read my emails and blog if I was so moved.

But, with a new baby, my whole schedule has been thrown off. Instead of waking a half hour early, now I don't get out of bed until one, or both, of my children request (demand) it. Then, from the moment my feet hit the floor, its just go, go, go until nap time (and, by some miracle of nature, they both nap from about 1pm until 4pm - crap, now I've just jinxed it) which is when I should blog, but basically I throw my behind on the couch and stay there until, again, one or both of my children request (demand) that I get up.

Oh sure, sometimes I fold laundry or vacuum and I always (well, almost always) do the dishes, but those are the brainless, easy tasks that don't require anything more then the ability to match socks, sort lights from darks (who am I kidding, it all gets lumped together) or properly load the dishwasher.

I guess what I'm saying is my brain (I actually just spelled it branin. Super.) has TURNED TO MUSH. Which is actually all the more reason to force myself to sit down and write something, ANYTHING, every day.

Last year I decided that I would post every single day in December - I was not successful - and I've decided to do the same thing again this year, but maybe, as an exercise in self-discipline (any (and) typing! My tuping (typing) has become terrible! (SEE!??!)) I should start early. Perhaps I should also learn how to write short, concise sentences, not these comma heavy monstrosities I'm subjecting you all too. There I go doing it again!

But, here's the thing. I often have very little to say. Or maybe, I often have very little that gets said. See, I'm ALWAYS constructing blog posts in my head. In fact, the other night while I was nursing Finley I mapped out the most killer blog post EVER! But it was all in my head and by the time I was done with nursing and the rest of the nighttime routine, it was gone. Or, more accurately, the small, quiet room in which I had composed the post was replaced by the loudness of the rest of the house and the mood was gone.

Where was I going with that? See? I'm all over the place. Mush, I tell you. Mush.

OK! for the four of you that read this regularly, be prepared. Starting today, it's one post per day. You've been warned...


Taneha said...

YA YA I can't wait!!! You have put up with my AWESOME posts for Nov.

Michelle said...

YAY! I can't wait.