Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Wii little game

Kristen and Keenan are letting us borrow their Wii for a bit because Conor loves to play "games". The last two days have been spent learning how to master bowling and golf. What fun its been to watch Conor picking up new skills right before our eyes.

I've been pretty against video game systems for Conor. I have this image of this pasty skinned, glassy eyed, overweight kid who has a permanent imprint of the game controller on his hands. Obviously I don't want that for Conor. Also, I've never really been into video games so its not like I'd want to sit down and play Grand Theft Auto with Conor or without him.  Not that I'd want him to play Grand Theft Auto at all.  It sounds like an absolutely horrific game.

The Wii however, has turned out to be a fun toy for the whole family. (And, we're not ALWAYS playing with Monster Trucks.)  We spent this morning bowling, golfing, canoeing, sky diving and enjoyed several rounds of table tennis. I'm telling myself that, in addition to time spent together as a family,Conor is learning such skills as sharing (he and I had to share our Wii controller), taking turns, hand-eye coordination, being a graceful winner and not being a sore loser.

Meanwhile, my shoulder is sore as hell from fake canoeing. Yeah, that's kind of an embarrassing sentence to have to write.

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