Monday, November 8, 2010

More Halloweeeeeen!

 Super  boy!  Costume courtesy of Party City.  Cape courtesy of Aunt Josie.

 Our little baby Zebra

My friend, Erin, threw a Halloween party for the kids of her friends.  Lots of adorable little ones in adorable little costumes experiencing (not so) adorable little sugar highs.

 Ben, the cutest lil cowboy.
 Harper.  Those eyes are going to be her Daddy's undoing.
 Superboy.  Cake ball in hand, cake on teeth.  Dentists all over the world are dying now.
 Addie as Dorothy.  Look at that smile!
 Conor took one look at Marissa's makeup and said to Morgan, "Daddy!  She's bad to the bone!" We don't know what that means.

 Baby Zech as an octopus.
 Pretty impressive to get a group photo of nine kids in costumes and no one throwing a fit!  However I don't think even one kid is actually looking at the camera.
 This is one tired zebra.
 Conor, being goofy.
So long, lil darlin'

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