Sunday, November 28, 2010


I am not a particularly musical person but that does not keep me from singing all the live long day.  Whether its Lady Gaga, the Black Eye Peas or made up words to Beethoven's Ode to Joy, I'm always singing some sort of nonsense.

Over the course of my singing career (HAH!) I've made up several tuneless songs whose lyrics I would like to share with you now.  You should be very grateful that I am not subjecting you to a recording of me actually singing. You're welcome.

I made this song up in 2002ish for my sweet cat, Luna.

See, isn't she cute?

I like to lay on the bed with my baby,
I like to lay on the bed with my baby,
I love my baby,
She's so pretty,
That's because,
She is my kitty.

Are you amazed?  Yes, you should be.  Luna ran away on Halloween last year and I will not listen if you suggest something awful about her being a black cat and disappearing on Halloween.  I choose to believe that she was adopted into a whole house full of friendly cats where there are no wild animal style toddlers to yank on her tail.  And ears.  And whiskers.  (Dear Luna, sorry about all that.  Hope you're living a happy life out there somewhere.  Love, Mama)

After Conor was born, I made up a song for him too.
Oooh yuck. Please don't sing, Mommy!
Who's my beautiful baby,
Who's my beautiful boy?
You's my beautiful baby and
You's my beautiful boy.
You bring me so much happiness
You bring me so much joy
You's my beautiful baby and
You's my beautiful boy

Morgan was critical of this song not for the ridiculous way in which I sang it, but because "You's totally isn't a word, Erin!"

Most recently, I had to make up another song for Conor because I adapted the previous song for Finley.  I won't give you the full version but just imagine "girl" where there is "boy" and "brighten up my world" where there is "bring me so much joy".  Man!  I am wicked good at rhyming.

This is Conor's new song.

He used to be my baby, but he's a big boy now
He used to be my baby, I really don't know how
He's turned into a big boy, the biggest boy I know
He used to be my baby, but he began to grow.

Hey, Mommy!  I like it.  I mean as I long as I can play with my monster truck while I listen to it.

I would be lying if I told you that singing this song that I made up for him, doesn't make me cry.  Like, even as I was typing it out, I was getting that annoying eye-pricky thing that happens just before the tears start.  Its just that...well...he used to be my baby, but he's a BIG BOY NOW!

I mean, really, Conor?  Haven't I told you and told you?  Stop growing!  Damn!  These kids just don't LISTEN!  Hmm, maybe I should write a song about that.


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