Monday, November 29, 2010

Cop out

I have two posts half composed but I know they can both be more than what they are currently. However, I'm tired and running low on energy but I need to post. I think putting "however" and "but" is somehow grammatically incorrect but I can't think just now how so.

Today's little tidbit: both Conor and Finley have an adorable feature in which their little cheeks turn bright pink when they are tired. They both have pretty distinctive cues to let me know when they are sleepy but just in case I miss those, there is no mistaking the bright pink cheeks.

I love that while they are SO different in so many ways little similarities jump out from time to time.

Until tomorrow, friends, when I hope to have something of slightly more substance.

This daily posting is much more difficult than I had hoped it would be...

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Anonymous said...

This really solved my problem, thank you!