Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I vote

I vote because I am important, I vote because my children are important.

I vote because it is the smallest, easiest thing I can do to influence the political landscape of our country today.

I vote so that my wishes for this country can be heard.  I vote because one voice can make a difference.

I vote because there are those that assume that I won't and there are those who don't want me to.

I vote because I have educated myself about the issues.

I vote because so many women all over the world can't.  I vote because so many women fought for my right to do so.  These women were ridiculed, beaten, divorced, and even jailed so I could vote.

I vote because I can.

And you should too.

November 2nd:  VOTE!

1 comment:

Taneha said...

I am voting at lunch...Well dropping my ballot off at lunch. :)