Friday, December 3, 2010

12 days in a row. Wait, make that 13

So, today is my 13th consecutive post and I've got to say, the novelty has long since worn off.  There are two problems I've identified with daily blogging thus far.

1.  Quantity often sacrifices quality.  I'm forcing myself to blog every day but not forcing myself to come up with quality posts.  I mean, I want to, I just don't always have something of merit to say.
2.  Its a little lonely.  I sort of feel like I'm writing for myself most days.  And if it's just me writing for me, then why I am I doing this?  With blogging it's hard to know if anyone is actually reading this.  And if no one is reading any of this...wait, again, why am I doing this?

So, that's where we stand today.  Tomorrow is the Civil War (GO DUCKS!) so hopefully a passionately fought football game will inspire more than a similarly tepid post.

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