Monday, December 6, 2010

December 2nd, 2010

Finley rolls over for the first time.  I had forgotten just how much fun these little milestones can be.  Smiling and giggling can be tricky because each can be confused as something else be it gas or strange baby grunts.  But this felt like the first big, easily recognizable physical accomplishment and it reminded me of how much more we have in store.

Oh!  and she was so cute when she did it too. We were at Mom's Group which we don't get to go to very often and she was MESMERIZED by the other babies.  The speaker that day was a phyiscal therapist and she had just mentioned that babies, at about five months old, will begin to pull their feet towards their faces and roll side to side in what she called a barrel roll.  From there they will rock until they are on thier sides and then sort of smush a little bit farther and end up on their bellies.

AND THEN FINLEY DID IT!  She looked really surprised like "wait!  how did I get here?" before I scooped her up and kissed a million and a half times.  Such a sweet little girl, I could not love her more if I tried.

in other Finley news, I've begun feeding her some solid foods at meal times.  I had given her a few tastes of my oatmeal or yogurt a time or two and she was kind of blah about it.  This weekend I mashed up some banana and she was...well, underwhelmed by it.  We hit the jackpot yesterday at lunch though when I gave her some of Conor's applesauce.  She could not get enough.  Again at dinner,when she had some avocado, she could not get enough.  Looks like she'll be a good eater just like her brother.

yeah, I fell off the daily posting wagon. Based on the content of my last several posts, I doubt any tears have been shed.

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