Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So when I said the other day that I don't get any comments on this blog I guess I lied a bit. I get these random annonymous comments from time to time and I thought, rather than actually typing a coherent post, I would share with you the responses to some of my other posts.

Please to enjoy.

In response to Blocked: I fool be familiar with a insufficient of the articles on your website in the present circumstances, and I really like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites net stage file and resolve be checking back soon. Please contain out of order my orientation as highly and vindicate me conscious what you think. Thanks.

Well, kind sir, consider yourself both vindicated and conscious.

In response to Cop Out: solved my problem, thank you!

Wonderful! So glad my post about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING solved your problem. If only we all had problems so easily solved.

In response to The box under the table: Just wanted to take a moment and say hello to everybody. Looking forward to the forum and what everybody has to say.

I am not, at the moment, focused on on the internet. We are going to appear for the pros. When performing referring It's my job to think today
beginning to start a family plus I had always discovered that if My partner and i produced a smaller amount searching that i might obtain more searching. I'm because potent being a train engine. I literally developed which variety of their alternative. My own plan is to produce that event along with which makes it sound that awesome for you. Hopefully our strategy is coming by means of obviously.

My purchasing was constructed being a packet outhouse. The facts? And finally be sure to fix your current shopping. I found this info out and about first hand. This information is prepared in order that obviously any good infant can understand it. There's one region that will searching circles often have a problem with. I'm seeking throughout externally. Even now, this could be a bit of a myth.

There are so many things wrong with this. First of all forum? My random, sometimes incoherant ramblings can hardly be considered a forum. Then, dear commenter, if you are not, at the moment, "focused on the internet" why are you reading a blog on know...internet? And then, the good man Anonymous just goes all sorts of crazy. Potent as a train engine? hmm, someone has an awfully high opinon of themselves. And what the hell is a packet outhouse? A packet in an outhouse or an outhouse in a packet? Either way, I'm not interested. But my favorite part is where our esteemed commenter explains that the "information is prepared in order that obviously any good infant can understand it." Well, good! I don't want the bad infants understanding it anyway.

I have toyed with the of setting up the comments so that you have to enter a code in order to post a comment thereby eliminating these obviously spammed comments.  But its actually far too much fun.

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Taneha said...

I do like to comment every now and then so you feel loved. ;-) J slash K. Those are some good comments though.