Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

Conor has begun giving us some trouble at nap time and night time. I get the feeling that he has become afraid of the dark as he won't walk down the hallway to his bedroom alone in the early morning hours or in the early evening. As a consequence his bedroom door must be left open during naps and during the night.

And so a new step has been added to our nighttime routine. We read our stories, sing our songs and then Conor says its time to talk about his "options". As in, "OK, Mommy, now we can talk about my OPTIONS."

See I discuss with Conor what he needs to do in order to keep his bedroom door open.

ME: Ok, Conor, you have two options. You can have your bedroom door open or you can have your bedroom door shut. Which would you prefer?

Conor: Bedroom door OPEN.

ME: Ok, and what do you need to do in order to keep your door open?

Conor: I need to be QUIET.

ME: And if you're not quiet, what will happen?

Conor: You will close my door.

ME: And if I close your door, will you be happy or will you be sad?

Conor: I will be SAD.

ME: So what should you do to keep your door open?

Conor: I will be QUIET. Good OPTIONS, Mommy.

So last night Morgan gets out of the shower and asks if Conor was noisy and if that was why I closed his door. Since I actually didn't close his door we were curious and decided to investigate this little matter. We also noticed Tucker was missing. (FYI Tucker's kennel is now in Conor's room.) Hmmm...

Morgan walks into Conor's room to find Tucker pawing at the door, Conor missing from his bed and curled up with his Bubba (Blankie) in Tucker's kennel.

Apparently there is a third option I failed to consider.


Taneha said...

Ok that is the cutest EVER.

geralyn said...

It must be a family thing since Thomas did that too for about a year when he was 4. We had just moved here and I would find Thomas in the dog kennel which was in our room. The dog (remember Molly) was happy as a clam on his bed, while Thomas slept in the Vari Kennel! Go figure, but he did grow out of it. Now he's into boxes. Nah, just kidding :)