Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas Tree

Its the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we're off to get our tree.

Its important to plug your child in with a movie before you leave.  Its not like you want to actually TALK to them on the way up there or anything.

Its nice to have a car big enough to eat lunch, hang out and change a diaper.

A big car also protects you from the snow.  Well, only if you're not the photographer.

Finley has decided that the snow is pretty fun.

Morgan is growing a beard.  I think its sexy even if it is a bit tickly.

Do you remember when you were little how much you loved the snow?  Conor LOVES the snow.

Its also great fun to throw snowballs at Mommy.  Meanwhile Mommy is yelling "Not the camera!  NOT THE CAMERA!!!"

Look!  We made a little teeny snowman.

Look!  I can knock it over!

Look!  I am adorable and pink cheeked.

Off to find the perfect tree.

Found one!

Conor finds Daddy in a game of hide and seek.

"How about this one?"

This is the one!

So, Daddy.  I think you should cut it down right here.

No, actually,  I think this is a better spot to start.

Well, if you're not going to listen to me, I wash my hands of this whole operation.

 Christmas tree getting was a success.  Our tree is up, decorated and dropping needles everywhere.  Its kind of perfect.

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Taneha said...

Wait......You didn't go to the "forest" and just cut down a tree?