Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bedroom Remodel

Since we were married Morgan and I have been talking about our need for a proper headboard or bed frame. We've always just had the standard metal queen sized bed frame but have always been too cheap (oh wait, that's just me) to actually invest in something.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, Morgan had an idea to use an old door and make it into a headboard. So one morning we drove down to The Rebuilding Center, spent some time looking through their doors and picked one out. Total cost: $20.

It needed sanding and refinishing so we got to work. Its important to always be safe in these situations. You never know what kind of paint dust you'll be inhaling.

We discovered a pretty good sized crack which we fixed and and then cut off the bottom of the door so we had four panels instead of five.
We also puttied the hole where the knob and lock used to be, added a shelf, some molding (I guess that's what you would call it) and some korbels to add detail to the shelf. Unfortunately, this about the time when I got bored of the project (so typical of me-no wonder I don't have any hobbies) so I can't offer you any pictures of those interesting details. Total cost: $30

While I was at school Morgan rearranged our bedroom, VACUUMED, hung the headboard, and found a blanket to match our pillows. Total cost: $0
We decided that we needed something bigger or taller on the shelf to take up some of the dead space above the headboard. The pictures are cute, but seem sort of lost up there all alone. I headed to Ross today to put the finishing touches on it.
Total cost for the door and paint and whatnot: $50
Total cost for the accessories: $25
Coming home to a freshly vacuumed bedroom: PRICELESS


Jenn Sanders said...

You'd better be careful with all the stuff on the headboard.
You don't want to get burned some romantic evening with lit candles and all.

Manuel and Katie said...

you guys are too cute. But you have inspired me to spruce up our bedroom before the baby comes.