Monday, January 4, 2010


Morgan tells me I've gotten lazy lately and I can unashamedly say he is right. I am one lazy lady lately. (Man, I love alliteration.) It began innocently enough. I was pregnant (well, I still am) and I was tired and I felt generally sluggish and crappy so when Conor napped, instead of cleaning, like I normally would, I plopped myself down on the couch and watched tv for as long as Conor would sleep.

Unfortunately, my house has paid the price and even though I am feeling much, much better, we're still living in less than spotless conditions. I mean, don't call Child Protective Services on me or anything, we're not disgusting or squalid or anything. Let's just say we're living with more dog hair (even though Tucker is a more or less shed-free dog), more crumbs and fewer vacuum cleaner passes. Strangely, I have kept up on the laundry although that is my least favorite of all household chores.

More often than not, Morgan comes home to find dinner not even started, lunch dishes (sometimes even breakfast dishes) still in the sink and me jumping off the couch lest he think I have been sitting on my caboose ALL day long.

So, perhaps my New Years resolution should be to get my act back together. Now that I am firmly ensconced in the second trimester, I really am feeling better and my energy is returning and, quite frankly, I'm running out of excuses to be lazy.

But, on a semi-related note, my closets are practically bare. I have been purging like crazy over the last couple of weeks. I'm now trying to decide if I want to just drop all the "stuff" at Goodwill simply to get it out of my hair or if I want to save it all in the garage (as opposed to saving it all in closets - that's just shuffling) and have a garage sale this spring. I'm thinking we could probably make a couple hundred dollars with a garage sale and that money could definitely be put to good use re-stocking the closets with more, obviously entirely necessary, objects. Oh, this is the cycle: clutter, de-clutter, clutter, de-clutter.

Well, for now, no more lazy. I really do need to get dinner fixed. And, as a good wife, I should probably have a cold beer waiting for Morgan when he comes home. But I am NOT putting on make-up or taking off this ratty sweatshirt. I mean, I have my limits.

Oh, and Conor did SO great at his dentist appointment today. I mean, he couldn't have been a brighter star. Teeth look good even though he is very slow in getting them, and Mommy and Daddy haven't completely failed with brushing. YES! A slight overbite due, most likely, to his night-time pacifier use, but nothing to be concerned about. AND! BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD SINCE...well...FOREVER! Most children naturally wean from the passie around 3. So, if he's happy and content and the passie isn't ruining his lil chompers, there's no need to force him to stop using it. What? The DENTIST (he is a doctor, after all) said it was ok. So yeah. Dr. Cavano is now my favorite medical professional.

Was this not the most rambling, nearly incoherent post you've ever read? Good thing I start school again tomorrow. I need to start using my brain again.

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geralyn said...

Hey, did you know that Dr. Cavano was madison and Thomas' dentist too? I loved him and he was great with the kids.