Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The one teeny tiny benefit of being sick

Ok, being sick sucks but people take care of you and that's always kind of nice. Also you get to eat 6 pudding cups in one day and not feel guilty about it.

So I ended up with Conor's dreaded flu bug and because of the lovely child inhabiting my inner regions, it hit me a pinch harder than it did Conor. I was unable to keep anything down, including the water that I would swallow to rinse out my mouth after, you know, doing the business, so my doctor recommended I head to the ER to get a bag of fluids.


SIDE NOTE: St. V's ER rocks. Absolutely no wait time and they sent me to the kids ward. Which would normally be horribly depressing but it was a good night and there were no sick or wounded children there. Yay for healthy kids. Well, you know, except mine. Whatever. At the hospital they give you warmed blankets and it. is. devine.


Right, so anyway, the lovely ER doctor gave me my delicious IV bag and I really felt so much better in about 45 minutes. But, he wanted to make sure my "inner child" was doing well so we got an ultrasound! Yay. I figured they would do the doppler to check for heart rate so I was pleasantly surprised when he rolled in the u/s machine. We hoped for the money shot but didn't get it so we're still in the dark regarding sex but look at this little cutie pie!

What? I think alien-looking, monkey-headed babies are particularly adorable.

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