Monday, January 4, 2010

Missing the Sun

Morgan and I were just talking about how now that Christmas and New Years is over, the winter months and rain really begin to wear on us. Its like, now that the holidays have passed, we have nothing to look forward to* in these long, cold, dreary winter months.

I knew it was serious this morning when I saw this picture and had a physical longing for Southern California. I hardly ever miss living in San Diego. Not becacuse there is anything wrong with it (aside from astronomical prices on everything from eggs to real estate) but simply because I didn't really live there long enough to develop any strong ties.

But man, I could use a sunset like this.

In other news, Conor has his first dentist appointment this morning. I'm choosing not to dread it like its the end of the world. I can, however, see it going very badly. Also, I can see it going just fine. Will update later.

*I mean, obviously, we have a baby to look forward to, but he or she is coming in the months that are already pretty much guaranteed to be sunny. So the baby, in and of itself, will not break up the monotony of rain, rain, rain and rain, followed by cold, dreariness and, oh yes, rain.

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