Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cute, cute, cute

Fort building.
Being goofy.
Sharing a bed with Tucker.

Sharing a cookie with Daddy.
Aren't they cute sitting together?

We began a project this weekend.
We took an old door...

Sanded it...

And cut off the bottom.
We're painting it and plan to use it as a headboard.
Will post more pictures as soon as its finished.

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geralyn said...

He is so cute...and big. And I'm talking about Conor here, not Morgan although he meets that criteria too. I adore the picture of him on the kitchen chair wearing the apron. What a doll. Oh and I am super sick right nowm not sure with what so I am heading to the post office tomorrow to mail Conor's gift. Typical late fashion for me. Love you guys,