Thursday, December 3, 2009

On fashion and faux pas

Did you think I had forgotten you? I normally post my blog in the morning around 6:30 when I first wake up. I really love this time of the morning becuase I get a half an hour all to myself to drink my coffee, check my emails and catch up on important current events like blogs and facebook. And while this time provides me with wonderful alone time to recover from my sleep inertia (actually a technical term that describes the time between when you wake up and when you actually FEEL awake. Some people have much long sleep inertia times than others. You know who you are.) it does not offer a plethora of interesting blog topics. So, I'm now sitting in the library at school (I should be madly preparing for finals next week but preparation is for the WEAK!) and I would like to take a moment to discuss with

Seriously, here at Portland State I'm often not sure if someone is dressed in costume or if this is just how they normally dress. Is that what people thought of me 10 years ago? I'm trying to picture what I used to wear and, while my parents might disagree, I don't think I dressed like an insane 80's era clown. Here are a few sights I've encountered recently at good ol' PSU.

-4 (FOUR) pairs of leggings on 4 (FOUR) different sets of legs in 1 (ONE) day
- a woman's hairstyle where half her head was covered in inch long boy-type hair and the other half was covered in long, flowy, frizzy hair.
-Jeans tighter (on men and women) and legs skinnier than I thought possible outside of a first grade classroom.
-These glasses
-These glasses

Ok, I can't think of anymore now and I"m starting to get funny looks from the people I keep staring at trying to find more incredible fashion mishaps. Are they mishaps though? Is this one of those things where I'm just severely and permanently behind the times?

Apparently my liberal education come at a cost of liberal fashion choices.

And I swore I would never be this person...

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