Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear baby

Please, PLEASE stop with the sickness. For the love of all that is good in this world, STOP.

So many things are different about this pregnancy. One, I'm sick, well not like throwing up sick, but just generally feel like crap all the time. Basically I can eat toast with butter. Anything more than that gives me terrible indigestion and heart burn. The good news, I'm losing weight. The bad news, I'm losing my mind. Frankly, I'm tired of feeling sick. I'm tired of having to be upright all the time because laying down causes bad things to happen in my esophagus. Bleck...just...bleck.

Also, aside from the yucky feeling, I find that I often go "oh yeah, I'm pregnant". Its like I forget and then something reminds me. Very strange since when I was pregnant with Conor it was always on my mind. Maybe that's normal with second pregnancies. Poor second babies. They get the shaft right from the beginning.

I have my last final tomorrow at 10. Its in a class on American Constitutional History. Basically we review Supreme Court cases and their outcomes. I think I have to have 30 cases memorized. I've got 11 down. Yikes.

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