Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photo Booth

Our iMac has a program that called Photo Booth that uses the built in camera to take pictures and distort them. I'm not sure what reminded me of it since I've never used it before, but yesterday afternoon Conor and I spent about a half an hour playing with it. I was laughing so hard I was just about in tears. Obviously, I'm easily entertained but seriously? Look at these pictures. We're hilarious! If you have a Mac and haven't explored this silly little program yet, please, go have some fun.

you can see that Morgan and I are FAR more entertained than Conor is

In other news, we got snow yesterday afternoon and evening. I watched the news at Noon and they mentioned that we might get a few snow flurries around town. Um yeah. They were way off base. It began at 2pm and kept up until about 4pm (giving us about an inch or so) when it tapered off. It began again at about 4:15 and dumped (well, Oregon-style dumped) about 4 inches. Needless to say, rush hour traffic was unpleasant. We had dinner plans with friends and it took us over an hour to get there. Normally a 10 minute drive. My car has all wheel drive and Morgan really is an excellent driver in the snow, but to me, it was a harrowing drive.

The snow appears to still be sticking around this morning but hopefully there is some improvment to the roads as I have to drive out to Aloha for my last day of work. Since the whole company will cease operations tomorrow, its really something I can't miss. I am, however, nervous. Last year when we had snow I had a four wheel drive SUV with chains and I STILL managed to spin out and break the chain. Even when other, non-four wheel drive, non-chained cars were doing just fine. Yeah, me and driving in the snow are not so good. So, wish me luck this morning. I just may need it!

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