Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 1

First of all, lets take a moment to adddress the fact that its already December 1st. Every year goes so quickly and it hardly seems possible that the next year could go any faster, but they always do.

So I took this great video of Conor in the bath last night picking out letters and telling me their sounds and he was so cute and so smart and, as luck would have it, being neither smart nor cute myself, I can't figure out how to get the video off my camera and on to my computer so i can upload it here. I TOLD you these posts would probably not be the most stimulating posts ever. But still...

I spent yesterday at New Urban High School out in Milwaukie. As part of my big Senior Capstone project I had to design a lesson plan and teach it, with three other team members, to language arts students for 5 periods. It was quite an experience. First of all, teaching is hard especially when you have to say, literally, the same thing over and over and over again. Second, no matter how revolutionary you think your lesson plan is, chances are a good 75% of the students will still look at you with the blank stare that is only achieved by high school students or stoners. In my first experience at teaching, I'm beginning to doubt my choice of vocations. This cannot be a good sign.

This is the last week in the term before finals next week. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get myself together enough to make it though. This term has been a giant energy drain and my goal of straight A's is looking more and more unrealistic.

Happy Day 1 everyone!

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