Friday, December 11, 2009


Sorry folks. Yesterday I was just exhausted. I had finished a brutal final around 11:30 and went to grab pizza with some friends from class.

Foolish, foolish me. There I go again thinking I can eat real food! About five minutes after I finished the pizza my throat began to hurt. While I haven't felt it during this pregnancy, I remember this as the beginning of some super fun heartburn. And right I was. Thank goodness I'm that old lady who carries Tums in her backpack. HA!

Anyway, the heartburn eventually subsided but the indegestion lingered all night long. I spent about an hour on the bathroom floor sometimes parying for vomit, sometimes taking deep, slow breaths to not vomit. I considered having Morgan rush me to the Emergency Room because I was sure I had some catastrophic illness or disease but then I remembered, oh hey! I'm pregnant. Right.

Eventually I was able to eat some saltines and then mashed potatoes and finally, some ice cream. Guess I'm cured.

But I tell you what, I will be so happy when this little munchkin decides to stop tearing up my insides.

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