Sunday, December 6, 2009

Failure already?

I knew the weekend would be an issue for this whole posting gig. I'm a creature of habit and weekends go against my normal, weekday routine. And we did stuff yesterday too!

I started the day with my dear friend Niki getting pedicures. Lately it seems that I haven't had much time to myself and I can't tell you how much that hour and a half recharged me. I need to remember to get out and do stuff like that more often. It really does make me a better wife and mother. And my toes look real pretty too!

After nap we went out and cut down our Christmas tree. Morgan normally likes to go up to Mt. Hood and cut one down but we just didn't seem to have time for that this year and opted to go to a lot out in West Linn. It was freaking freezing cold but beautiful and sunny so we got a few picures.

Then it was home to decorate the tree. Of course the lights didn't work and Conor was more inerested in pulling the ornaments off the tree than putting them on, but hey, that's the spirit of Christmas!Expect to see this one on the Christmas cards.
Family Self Portrait

We're kinda fuzzy but look at his cute little faceThe Subaru loaded down as God intended
The finished product. This picture really doesn't do it justice.

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